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London Borough of Barnet

Planning Consultancy & Planning Drawings In Barnet

We Help You Obtain Planning Permission With Barnet Council!

We are a Barnet based planning team who know the planning process can be stressful and overwhelming. That is why we offer you a comprehensive planning package where our Architects, Structural Engineers, Town Planners and Consultants  combine their expertise under one roof, working together to get you planning permission at the first asking with Barnet Council!

We boast an excellent record of Planning Permission Success in Barnet Council!

Our experienced consultants will remain in constant contact with the Planning Department at Barnet Council at every stage of your planning application.

We offer a wide range of Architectural and Planning Services, including:

  • Scaled Architectural Drawings for planning purposes

  • Planning Packages for all Household Extensions and Improvements

  • Planning Packages for Change of Use Applications

  • Planning Packages for Family Home to Flats or Studios Conversions

  • 2D and 3D Renders and Elevations

  • Structural Drawings & Floors Plans

  • All Structural Calculations, Drawings and Floor Plans

  • Retrospective Planning Packages

  • Planning Appeal Packages

Whatever improvements or enlargements you are proposing to carry out in your home, we are here to help you gain the necessary Planning Permission with Barnet Council.

We provide you with expert guidance and handle all aspects of your application, ensuring you have the best prospects of gaining planning permission with Barnet Council.

We understand that the planning regime can be quite harsh and confusing. Our experts are on hand to guide you through every step of the process, making planning an easy and pleasant experience!

Contact us today on 0208 202 3665 to discuss your proposals with one of our expert consultant and learn how we can help you get Planning Permission in Barnet Council

The planning process can be complicated, Drawing and Planning's consultants, Architects and entire team are here to make the planning application process Simple For You!

Our unique and successful approach of offering an all-in-one planning packages takes the headache out of planning for you whilst making significant savings over a traditional architect’s fees!

With an in-house team of Architects, Structural Engineers, Town Planners and Consultants working together through every aspect of your planning application, we are best placed to handle your application and help you get Planning Permission with Barnet Council!

Our consultants are qualified Town Planners with expert, up to date knowledge of the latest Planning Legislation applicable in Barnet Council. They work alongside our architectural design team at all times to ensure that the planning drawings are not only accurate and to scale but also in line with the complex Planning Regulation demands of Barnet Council.

What's more is that we successfully submitted 500+ planning applications across London. We know what it takes to successfully attain Planning Permission first time with Barnet council. We will be in constant contact with them at every stage of your project to ensure that your application is in line with the regulations, helping you gain planning permission with Barnet council!

Scaled Architectural Drawings are just one aspect of a successful planning application. Drawing and Planning do not simply create Planning Drawings. Our consultants are well acquainted with the current Planning legislation in Barnet Council and work closely with our architects to ensure the drawings are in line with current regulations.

At a time where the principles of the planning regime are in a state of disarray, our clients benefit from the assurance that their application is being handled by the experts!

There are many aspects to consider:

  • The drawings to accompany your application. You can enlist the services of a traditional Architect to create drawings for you. However most traditional Architects are just that, without in-depth knowledge of the planning system.  Many of our clients come to appeal their application after the proposals from their architect were refused on the basis of a basic planning principle.
  • Value for money. Our Planning Drawings are considerably cheaper than conventional Architects as they do not require the same degree of detail as traditional Drawings. This allows us offer you a complete Planning Package for a fraction of the price of an Architects Drawings. Once planning permission has been approved, we can easily manipulate the drawings to be used by a builder. This approach has saved our clients significant amounts of money which they then put towards the building costs.
  • Not a one man band Service. You may consider buying very cheap drawings from a one man band planning service from your local classifieds but can you be sure there proposals will meet all the current planning regulations? We are constantly reviewing planning legislation and incorporate our extensive knowledge and expertise into every single application to ensure it is accurate and in line with all planning regulations.
  • We know Planning! We know what is likely to be granted in Redbridge and only propose development we believe will successfully attain Planning Permission. We are also in constant contact with the Duty Planning officers at Redbridge Council and will liaise with throughout your application process to maximise your property and your prospects of successfully attaining planning permission.

Drawing and Planning have a wealth of experience and expertise in planning ever since pioneering the association of Architects, Structural Engineers, Town Planners and Consultants under one roof. We continue to lead the way by offering our clients a comprehensive solution to their planning dilemmas, making the process simple and straightforward.


If you are looking into planning application Barnet at the moment, it can help to have some kind of inside knowledge as it were. This does not mean that you need to have a lot of contacts in the business, but simply looking into a planning consultancy Barnet such as ours can really help.

Any successful planning application Barnet is going to have to take into account all of the rules and regulations that Barnet itself has to its applications. These will differ depending on what you want to achieve and where you want to do it, so looking specifically at a planning consultancy Barnet company will benefit you hugely.

This is simply because a lot of businesses based outside of Barnet will not be aware of the niche aspects to any particular application that you may be making, while we will be able to help you in this. Unlike any other business in its calibre, we can really provide you with all of the relevant information that you need, making any planning and transition that much easier.

It really is a good idea to look into this sooner rather than later, so that you can really get the most benefits from it.