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Top five reasons of refusal that we can overturn

Five top reasons for refusal of planning application
This month the team at DAP look at the most popular reasons for refusal on a planning application. We are often contacted by customers that have been refused planning involving one or more of the following reasons for refusal:
" Due to its excessive scale and poor siting the proposal would appear as an incongruous addition, out of keeping with the character and appearance of the host property and surrounding area. "
" The proposal would be unduly obtrusive and an overly dominant form of development resulting in a loss of outlook to neighbouring properties and detrimental to the character and appearance of the host property. "
" The proposal, by reason of its siting, scale and design, would appear as an incongruous and discordant form of development, would fail to be subordinate to the host property and would compromise the architectural integrity of the host property and adjoining terrace row. "
" The proposal would introduce an inappropriate use that would be detrimental to the viability and vitality of the existing use and the local town centre. "
" The proposal would lead to a loss of a retail (A1) unit without suitable marketing of the site which would harm the retail character and function of this part of the Central Activities Zone (CAZ) and the West End Special Retail Policy Area (WESPRA). "
Do you agree? Have you been refused permission for one of the above reasons? If you have, why not contact one of our planning consultants today to see how we can help you to secure planning permission.
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