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Drawing and Planning

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Our vision for the future

Drawing and Planning was founded with the primary intention of making the planning process simple, cost effective and a positive experience.

We believe every home owner deserves to understand their development rights and how to go about obtaining the necessary consent.

In times where the planning regime is in turmoil, our founding ethos is an ever present motivation to us. We strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive planning service to make the planning process  a simple, cost effective and an overall positive experience.

For too long now, home owners have been perplexed by the daunting prospects of attempting to attain planning permission. It is no secret that the planning regime is riddled with confusion and absurdities. This has left home owners  aimlessly perusing through heaps of planning legislation and being non the wiser for doing so. Others shop around from Architect to Architect in hope of some clarity, only to be quoted exorbitant fees for the service.

Drawing and Planning aim to shed light on the planning system and rid it of confusion. Extending or improving a home should be an exciting and positive experience, not one long nightmare.

Our services are designed to help people gain planning permission

We have summarised all the necessary elements required in order to gain planning approval

We see the future of planning permission with Drawing and Planning Ltd

We offer professional service at an affordable competitive rate compared to the typical architect firms.  Our aim is to make your planning experience simple from the day you sign your Term’s and Condition’s to the day we call you with the good news!

Drawing And Planning have Smarter Planning Champion status

This accreditation means that the practice provided maximum efficiency with planning submissions namely
- Helping local planning authorities process applications more efficiently
- Saving the client time and money
- Reducing CO² throughout the process.
Planning Permission Alone will Add Thousands of Pounds to The Sale Price of your Property, Even if you don't actually get the Loft Conversion or Extension Built.

Drawing and Planning Ltd.  UK registered company number 7073798