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Do I need Planning Permission for Doors and Windows?

Renovations relating to Doors and Windows can entail many different designs and plans depending on what you want to change or add to your home.

You may be thinking of refreshing the external appearance of your home by replacing aged doors and windows with new timber frames or upgrade to double glazing.You may also want to add natural light to your living space by  inserting new windows  into an external wall.

A very common type of project that improves the functionality of both internal and external space involves replacing an existing window with a patio door.

Whatever home improvement s you are considering, it is imperative that you are aware of any need for Planning permission. Failure to attain the correct can result in your local authority issuing a demolition order.

Replacing or inserting new Doors and Windows

It is possible to insert new or replace existing windows and doors without the need for Planning Permission, providing that:

a) any upper-floor windows in the wall or roof slope forming a side elevation of your home are glazed with obscured-glass (level 4 or 5 obscurity)

b) any upper-floor windows in the wall or roof slope are fixed into a non-opening frame (unless the opening is more than 1.7m above the floor of the room in which the window is installed).

If your proposals exceed these restrictions you will need full planning permission to replace your Windows.

Please Note: If your property is a flat or maisonette, you will require full Planning permission regardless of the specification of the doors and windows.

Conservation Area

If you live in a conservation area, your local authority would have issued an Article 4 Direction which removes the permitted development rights of your property.

Therefore, changes that otherwise would be permitted without planning permission, would require full  Planning consent.

Listed Building

The above conditions regarding the insertion of new or replacement existing windows and doors without the need for Planning Permission do not apply to Listed buildings.

If your property is a Listed building you will require full listed building consent prior to making any significant internal or external  changes to your property.

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Here at Drawing and Planning, our consultants are here to simplify planning and all related matters for you.

Our team are here to discuss any planning query you may have regarding your doors and windows with no obligation or fee.

In the event that you need planning permission for your doors and windows, we would be glad to assist you with all elements of your application.

 If you would require drawings only, our in house architects can provide you with detailed existing and proposed plans and elevations for all types of doors and windows.

Do I need planning permission for doors and windows is a great question to ask before replacing, repairing, or fitting these two vital household components to your residence. Normally, planning permission for doors and windows is not needed; this includes double glazing the windows.

But, if the building that will be undergoing these renovations is listed as a conservation area or can be seen as being a designated area, you may need to consult with the planning authority, just to ensure that you do not need to get permission to make the alterations that you desire. Also, individuals that do not own the residence that will be receiving the alterations will need to get permission from the owner or Management Company, prior to doing any work to the doors or windows of the residence.

It is important that the replacement parts are environmentally friendly, and are able to stop thermal release. Fire safety is also something that will need to be considered when these two vital components of a residence are being altered in any way. As far as fire safety is concerned, two things need to be considered, the replacement parts must inhibit the spread of fire between properties, and they must also create a means for an escape from a fire, if one were to break out.