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London Planning Consultants

Planning Permission Specialists

Drawing and Planning are a leading Residential Planning Consultancy with an experienced team of  own Planners, Architectural Designers, Planning Consultants and Structural Engineers all working together to help you obtain Planning Permission.

With expert knowledge of the planning system and building process, our team of Architects specialize in creating planning drawings that are achievable and realistic, making it easy for your local council to reach a decision, helping you achieve Planning Permission first time.

As a truly unique planning consultancy, Drawing and Planning offer fixed price planning packages where your entire planning application is handled from start to finish.

Our exceptionally single-minded and focused approach in securing planning permission for our clients is one of the key things that make us stand out from traditional architects.

The company was set up with the single intention of specialising in creating suitable architectural design concepts that meet all planning restrictions, enabling you to obtain planning permission first time round and with minimum hassle and expense.

As planning consultants, our town planners and Architects have worked closely with all the local authorities in London and beyond have consequently have excellent relationships with many of the Duty Planning Officers at the Planning Departments of the local councils.

This has proved to be advantageous in gaining Planning Permission for many of our clients. In other words, Drawing and Planning know what the Council will allow and have the Architects and planning consultants to deliver it!

As a leading Residential Planning Consultancy, Drawing and Planning boast an excellent planning permission success record in all of London's Boroughs.

Drawing and Planning offer all of their clients a FREE initial consultation with one of our planning consultants into the feasibility of the proposals and offer free planning advice on the maximum possible development.

Offering a Free Planning Feasibility allows Drawing and Planning to determine whether one's proposals are likely to gain planning permission.

Drawing and Planning only ever take on projects which they strongly believe they can attain planning permission. This approach has in part contributed to their excellent success rate for planning permission approvals!

Whether you need planning permission for a loft conversion, rear extension or perhaps a side extension or a front extension Drawing and planning are the planning consultancy for you. Our architects and planners can secure you planning permission for a new basement, planning permission for a conservatory, a garage conversion, or the erection of a summer house at the back of your garden. As innovative and creative architects, we can work with you to secure planning permission for a vacant site to create the home of your dreams or an ideal investment venture. Come to the planning permission experts and let Drawing and planning make your planning experience easy and stress free!

On our website you will be able to see countless loft conversions and extensions that we have successfully secured planning for. Our clients range from small to large families to professionals who are all seeking to create new space or utilise the existing loft space for a variety of uses. As planning consultants we treat every instruction as unique and a loft conversion or kitchen extension is no different.

This website was created by our team of planning experts and contains a host of independent information on the planning system and its regulations.

Our consultants are pleased to share their planning expertise and experience with you in order to give you a clearer understanding of how the planning system works.

Feel free to browse through all the various planning permission and related topics to gain a better understanding of how it all works.

You will also find a range of architectural planning drawings samples designed by our expert architects for a range of projects. As you may now know all applications require a full set of architectural planning drawings which outline the development.

Drawing and Planning offer drawings packages where we offer you architect planning drawings for your project at a fixed price. Whether you need loft conversion planning drawings, conservatory planning drawings, side extension planning drawings, or planning drawings for a rear extension, Drawing and Planning's team of architects will design the planning drawings you require for your application with the local authority.

Our drawings for a planning application stand out from our competitors in that they clearly outline the proposed development excluding any over elaborate drawings. This allows the duty officer who views your planning drawings to instantly grasp your plans and reach a decision. Planning drawings are not all our team can offer you; we are able to handle your entire application with your local council and liaise with them throughout the process.

If you would like to enquire about planning drawings for your development or would like discuss your planning permission query or any planning related matter with one of our consultants, please do not hesitate to contact us.

According to the planning laws that govern London, there are various types of infrastructures and construction projects that require home owners to file planning applications. There are planning permission and application guidelines in London that must be followed to help ensure that all planning legislation and building regulations criteria are met in order for a house extension, house conversion or new build development to take place.

To make the planning process easier, many home owners will choose to obtain residential planning consultancy with a firm that specializes in obtaining planning permission and creating successful applications in London. If a home alteration or construction project is completed and an individual does not follow the correct planning procedure, they can risk being fined for not adhering to planning policy by neglecting to submit an application, as well as having their infrastructure or construction project removed entirely from their residence. As dedicated planning consultants, Drawing and Planning will work tirelessly to ensure your proposed extension or development is seen through and planning permission is approved.

A residential planning consultancy firm will help you ensure that you are taking the proper protocol when altering or constructing a new infrastructure to your property. You will be taken through a series of steps to ensure that your application is approved when it is submitted. Submitted applications can take up to three months to be approved. Until approval is received, the property owner will not be allowed to make the alterations they are applying for.

Frequently, householders who are keen to see their home improvement project completed on time and to budget will instruct competent architects and town planners to oversee the initial planning stage. Ideally, the two will work together to devise a scheme that is both architecturally appealing and adheres to planning policy. The best way to ensure that your architects and planners will work well together is if they work out of the same practice!