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Building Control

Why Do Building Control Exist? Liasing With Building Control

Why do Building Control Exist?

Building control exists to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation. Drawing and Planning liaise with building control on your behalf to ensure your development coheres to the building regulations such as structural stability, fire resistance, weather resistance, thermal insulation etc.

Building Control also deal with demolitions notices and competent person’s schemes, they also provide a 24 hour response service to dangerous structures.

Drawing and Planning are experienced with the building regulations and our designs are created to adhere to all the regulations. The Building Regulations apply to building work in England and Wales and set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of persons in or about buildings.

Building control teams generally carry out the following duties: plan checking, site inspections, dealing with demolitions and dangerous structures, administration of competent persons schemes and certificated work.

Can Drawing and Planning liaise with Building Control on my behalf?

Yes, Drawing and Planning often liaises with building control on a customer’s behalf. Generally technical issues arise and as we usually have the experience to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Our fees varies with every development, and we would be pleased to give you a FREE QUOTATION so call us now on 0208 202 3665 or enquire online

The main reason why building control exists is to ensure that all buildings that are constructed or altered fall into the guidelines of the Building Regulations and other associated legislation groups. By hiring an organization that deals with helping residents obtain the proper planning permissions that are required for their projects, the company will also act on your behalf as a liasing with building control.

The outsourced company will ensure that your developments that are underway adhere to the building regulations set forth for your area; The building control regulations that your building or building alteration must adhere to includes the structural stability of the construction project, its ability to resist weather, resist fire, and keep the dwelling properly insulated for inhabitants.

Most property owners that are planning on constructing or altering their present residence must ensure that they are adhering to all of the guidelines set forth by the planning permission and also by building control. By having a company that focuses on liasing with building control, the only thing that you have to worry about is ensuring that the construction and alterations are going forth as planned. All of the other legalities that tie into having your building or home altered will rest on the shoulders of the liaison that your employ.