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Drawing and Planning

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Planning Drawings for Conservation Area

Conservation Area Planning Permission Drawings

Although a conservation area is aimed at preserving the character of a particular area, it does not intend to lock the area in a time capsule as a form of historic museum. Development is possible though it will need to be designed with added sensitivity so as not adversely effect the character of the area.

If you are looking to carry out any development or external improvement works to a property within a conservation area, you will require full Planning Permission before any building work can be carried out. You may already know that all planning applications must be accompanied by a full set of scaled architectural drawings which clearly outline the existing building/site and the proposed development in detail. These drawings will allow the planning department at your local Authority to determine whether your proposals will be a harmonious addition to the are or a horrid eyesore.

At Drawing and Planning, we have extensive experience of creating sensitive designs in line with conservation area constraints. To this end we have  successfully attained planning permission for many home owners and property developers seeking planning permission for residential developments  in a conservation area. Whether you are looking to carry out minor works or significant development, Drawing and Planning can help you get the consent you need to proceed!

With the Use of the Latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software, our architectural design team create clear and precise architectural drawings which outline the full proposals for the site. This allows the Duty Planning Officer at the Local Authority to clearly view and understand the proposed development and reach a decision with ease.

As Planning Permission specialists, we are well aware of the Conservation Area and planning restrictions of each borough. When proposing development, we ensure the proposals meet these guidelines and only ever submit an application we strongly believe will gain approval.


  • As our drawings are designed with the intention of gaining planning approval, they are not drawn to the same degree of detail as a traditional architects drawings. This allows us to offer you the high quality planning drawings you require at a fraction of the cost of traditional architects.
  • Once you have gained planning permission we can manipulate the drawings fro construction purposes. this approach will drive down your costs and help you realise the build.
  • What is more, we will manage the entire application process with the local borough and liaise with them throughout, ensuring your proposals have the greatest chance of being approved.
  • For a FREE informal discussion with one of our expert planning consultants please contact us.