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Planning Drawings for Garage Conversion

Planning Permission Drawings for Garage Conversion

It is no secret that the living space in many homes is compact and restrictive. There comes a time where you must consider moving to a larger property or expand your existing home to create additional living space you require.

A very common method of enlarging a home is to convert an existing garage, to a new habitable room or rooms. The new space can then be used for a variety of purposes depending on your requirements the design of your home. You could build a side extension to create a larger dining room, living room, utility room or kitchen.

Although most garage conversions are a straightforward home improvement in that they require little or no exterior changes, there are still many matters that must be considered carefully when planning the layout, construction and location of any additional windows for a garage conversion.

  • In many instances a garage conversion will not require planning permission as it will be under your permitted development rights, only requiring a Certificate of Lawfulness. Other garage conversions will require Full Planning Permission.
  • It is important to note that regardless of whether or not your garage conversion requires planning permission or not, you will definitely need to submit scaled architectural drawings to your local authority. These outline your existing property and clearly indicate all changes that will be made when converting your garage.
  • The team at Drawing and Planning are vastly experienced in the planning and design standards relating to garage conversions. We have also successfully tackled many challenging planning dilemmas, producing practical and innovative architectural designs and concepts for many of our clients side extensions. You can view samples of our designs for garage conversions to understand the work we do.
  • If you would like the team at Drawing and Planning to create Planning Drawings for your garage, or handle your entire planning application for a garage conversion, Please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you today.

Do I need Planning Permission for a Garage Conversion?